Kevin N Bailey

Editor and Assistant Editor

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Kevin N. Bailey

Film Editor and Assistant Editor

Kevin is a film editor and assistant editor specializing in feature film editorial workflow and design.

He started working in film and television in 1999, as a production assistant for the live news at KCOY television, in Santa Maria California, where he worked in many facets of news production ranging from camera assistant, technical director, and tape operator.

In 2002 Kevin started editing documentaries and found his true love and passion in the world of editorial.

In 2004 Kevin moved to the Bay Area to further his skills and passion for narrative film by studying cinema at San Francisco State University. After graduating in 2005, with a BA in cinema Kevin stayed in the Bay Area for several years and began working in editorial around the Bay Area working on independent features film, as well a major studio films.

When he is not working on films he enjoys riding his bicycle, rock climbing, and mountaineering, snowboarding, and playing ice hockey.